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# CodeNotary - The Trust and Integrity platform for the Cloud native environment

CodeNotary gives any digital asset a meaningful, globally-unique, immutable identity that is verifiable and traceable from anywhere and at any time.

When using CodeNotary in your DevOps, from source code, to release, to deployment and runtime, you enable a continuous trust verification that can be used to detect unusual or unwanted activities in your workload and act on them. CodeNotary lets you notarize your software assets and add a trust status to them, including custom attributes, without modifying or appending anything to the original asset (unlike digital certificates). Changes and revocation to the notarization data are therefore possible post-release without breaking any customer environment.

Everything is global accessible with a collaborative approach that allows to break the typical intra/inter- organization siloed architecture. Leveraging an immutable, always-on DLT platform, CodeNotary allows you to ensure the integrity and authenticity of your software assets without the complexity of certificate authorities and digital certificates (which are unfit for DevOps anyway).