# vcn-powershell

PowerShell Scripts for CodeNotary vcn

# vcn-folder-watch.ps

That Powershell script watches a defined directory on your system and notarizes files that are stored here using your CodeNotary.io account

Make sure to download the vcn binary as well: CodeNotary vcn cli

You only need to change the variables in the beginning of the script according to your environment:

  • $vcnpath
  • $watcher.Path
  • $watcher.IncludeSubdirectories

# run the script fully automated

If you want to fully automated, please set the following environment variables:


You can learn more about that here: CodeNotary vcn environment

# vcn-folder-workflow.ps1

extension of vcn-folder-watch.ps to support a simple trust workflow, when files are created or moved into the specific folder. Only the last notarization action counts.

  • All newly created files in C:\CodeNotary\Production will be trusted
  • All newly created files in C:\CodeNotary\Old will be untrusted
  • All newly created files in C:\CodeNotary\Unwanted will be unsupported

# function-Get-CNAuthenticate.ps1

Get-Function to authenticate an existing file with CodeNotary.io and return the result as json

Load the function in your PowerShell session . .\function-Get-CNAuthenticate.ps1

Authenticate file get-item .\codenotary-watcher.ps1 | Get-CNAuthenticate

Check verification status Get-CNAuthenticate -Path .\codenotary-watcher.ps1 | select -ExpandProperty verification