# Verify commit GitHub action

A GitHub action to verify the authenticity of your commits with CodeNotary.io

You can sign your work locally using the CodeNotary vcn tool (ie. vcn notarize git://.). This action will verify these signatures so other people will know that your commits come from a trusted source.

# Usage

Create a workflow .yml file in your repositories .github/workflows directory (eg. .github/workflows/verify.yml). In your workflow you first need to checkout your repository then use this action:

name: CodeNotary

on: [push]


    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
     - name: Checkout
       uses: actions/checkout@master
     - name: Verify
       uses: vchain-us/verify-action@master

For more details, see Contexts and expression syntax for GitHub Actions

# Inputs

See action.yml.

Available inputs

  • signerID - List of SignerID(s) (separated by space) to authenticate against. A SignerID is the signer's public address (represented as a 40 hex characters long string prefixed with 0x).
  • org - Organization's ID to authenticate against. Note that org takes precedence over signerID
  • path - Path to git working directory. Default to the current directory.


     - name: Verify
       uses: vchain-us/verify-action@master
         signerID: <a trusted signer ID>
         org: <a trusted organization>
         path: <path to your repository, if not the current directory>

# License